Tomorrow now.

The future is made today.

Progress. In harmony with nature and humanity.

We have a vision: We are blazing the trail for the mobility of the future. Sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient.

We have a mission.

Our innovative technologies enable progress on the surface through innovation underneath. That’s because we are expanding the conventional road with the addition of a new level: Freight transport will be relocated underneath the surface, creating more space for passenger traffic above. Raise the curtain for the digital road.


Progress on the surface through innovation underneath.

We are re-thinking the road.

More transportation and more mobility with less traffic and less pollution: Exactly what the digital road enables. With our modular structure, we are creating new space that provides value in numerous ways.

Freight transport.
Solar surface.
Charging infrastructure.
Supply systems.

Freight transport.

An intelligent, fully autonomous logistics system will revolutionise the existing logistics landscape.

Solar surface.

Solar modules supply clean power from solar energy exactly where it is needed.

Charging infrastructure.

Electromobility without range limitations: Energy from clean sources is used directly underneath the road to charge electric vehicles.

Supply system.

Infrastructure like power and water supply can be integrated easily and conveniently.

One module that combines two roadways.

This allows us to ease the roads' capacity constraints as well as our clients’ budgets in a sustainable manner. That is because construction costs are not only reduced by 20% but are also recouped through sustainable returns. In this way, we transform a passive surface into an active contribution to climate protection and simultaneously create new revenue models.

We generate clean power directly on the roadway, which enables inductive charging for electric vehicles and the operation of a fully electric freight transport system. We are supporting the green transformation of transportation with a comprehensive ecosystem of sustainable energy. Let’s get to work!


Innovation in road construction.

Let's not wait another 2,000 years.

The digital road provides an answer to a problem of the future: The economy's major traffic pathways are collapsing and the immense level of traffic jams is harming taxpayers as well as the environment. There is no better time than now to act, given that the volume of freight transport is expected to double by 2050 relative to 2010.

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Roads work the way they did 2,000 years ago.

Apart from the fact that we now use asphalt instead of the cobblestones of the Romans, little has changed. As such, the roads cannot meet the growing challenges they face today; their capacities are exhausted. In order to redirect the negative effects of delivery traffic, new methods are called for: With the digital road, we are turning the road into something more than just a surface and shape the mobile future.


Over and under.

This is the future of freight transport.

Fast, economical, resilient: The digital road brings it all together. Our modules contain an automated roadway for freight transport underneath the surface and a road for passenger transport above. A brilliant combination that will change mobility in a sustainable manner – and is easily and rapidly attainable without expensive tunnel construction or complex construction processes. By using every element of the road in an entirely new manner, our innovation allows it to do much more for us – from cleaner energy to increased range to optimisation of construction processes.

Freight traffic.

About Time!

Autonomous freight traffic.

Our CO²-neutral, fully automated underground lane does away with delivery delays and traffic jams. In doing so, this revolutionary transport system directly links the road with the warehouses to be supplied. The integration of highly efficient conveyor belt technology makes it possible to expand automation to the entire supply chain for road transport. Deliveries in hours instead of days – that's ecoro.

Solar surfaces.

High Energy!

Thanks to photovoltaic technology.

We are turning 1,400 square kilometres of road surface in Germany into an energy source. Designed with a photovoltaic road surface, the digital road is capable of supporting the freight transport underneath entirely with self-generated power, charging 20 million electric cars, and even supplying local energy grids.

Charging infrastructure.

Power Nonstop!

Electromobility with unlimited range.

Inductive technology enables convenient wireless charging for electric vehicles while driving, resulting in unlimited range. This means that ⅔ of greenhouse gases from heavy trucks in Germany could be eliminated by turning ⅓ of German motorways into digital roads.

Supply systems.

Safety First!

Through integrated utility lines.

A reliable, efficient supply of energy and power is fundamental to the economic stability of a country. Replacing and repairing outdated utility lines is demanding and expensive. Supply systems for water, internet, or communications will be combined in a rapid, safe, and cost-effective manner. The conduits can be accessed at any time without disrupting the flow of traffic. This reduces costs and accelerates planning.


10x faster than modern tunnel construction: We can realize 300 metres of digital road per day. Maximum functionality with minimal costs and time requirements: With our modular principle, we are setting new standards for road construction. The construction time of digital roads is reduced by 50% in comparison with conventional roads. Expected service life: 100+ years.

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All in one: One module that combines a conventional road with an underground one – without tunnel construction. This makes us a pioneer in a sector that has seen little progress in decades.


“Nano” instead of “giga”: Technology and innovation are the keys to creating the roads of the future. We are accelerating this process with our agile production methods.


Our roads could save up to 2 billion tonnes of CO² emissions each year. We decrease greenhouse gases with every kilometre of digital road. Quiet and invisible.

Cost neutral

Win-win: Our unique financing model makes it possible to recoup the construction costs within 10 years and generate sustainable returns.


On the safe side: We are creating a closed system without delays from traffic jams: 100% reliable, available 24/7, fully automated.

We are proud to contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Good health and well-being
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate Action
  • Life on Land


Our inner drive.

Creating a better future with humanity and technology.

ecoro is a technology company and more. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, and we have great ideas and the expertise necessary to implement them.

Daniel Daum

“The road should be a tool that is capable of communication with its users.”

Daniel Daum

Managing Director / Operations

Christoph Tullius

“No one needs to reinvent the wheel – just the surface it drives on. The time is ripe for the digital road.”

Christoph Tullius

Managing Director / Sales


Fasten your seatbelts!

Accompany us into the future. We look forward to hearing from you.