Unbound by convention.

The future is made today.

Progress. In harmony with nature and humanity.

We are shaping the world we want to live on — progress on the surface through innovation underneath.

We have a mission.

Creating more space for society and nature to flourish, our mobility solutions operate silently beneath. We relocate freight transport underneath the surface - sensed, not seen.


Progress on the surface through innovation underneath.

We are re-thinking the road.

Combining two roadways into one: Passenger traffic above, palletized freight traffic below — more mobility with less congestion and pollution. Our combined modular structure minimizes surface sealing while creating new space.

Transport system
Transport system
Transport system
Transport system

Freight mobility.

Reliable middle mile transport of palletized goods. We link strategic ports, factories and distribution centers.

Clean Energy.

Power grid and transition for solar and wind energy generation along the road exactly where it is needed.

Charging infrastructure.

E-mobility without range limitations through seamless integration of inductive charging lanes.

Utility supply.

Integration of utility lines e.g. 5G networks. Secured from weather, attainable for maintenance and expansion.

Multimodal mobility.

The evolution of freight mobility has given rise to escalating challenges: traffic congestion, noise and air pollution, and billions in annual economic damages. The conventional response of building more extensive roads only worsens the problem. The electrification in heavy-duty transport may alleviate issues such as driver shortages and air pollution, but it leads to even greater wear and tear on the roadways.

As a freight carrier we provide new benchmarks in freight pricing for our clients and recover the infrastructure costs of our partners in under ten years - faster than any other road in the world! This makes the ecoro system technologically and economically feasible - today.


Innovation in road construction.

Let's not wait another 2,000 years.

Today’s roads work the same way they did 2,000 years ago. Where the ancient Romans used cobblestones, we now use asphalt instead. Despite this, not much has changed. The road should be a tool - capable of communication with its users. It's high time for a combined road infrastructure with a dedicated layer for multimodal freight mobility.

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freight delivery.

A new level of automation reduces costs.

We automate the transport process from loading to unloading at the target destination. Warehouses, factories, and logistics centers are linked together. From point-to-point transportation solutions to full grown road projects, our system can be scaled easily.

Cutting transport costs by up to 50%. Our transport system relieves the road of up to 70% of freight traffic, thereby easing traffic congestion. Eliminate delivery delays and traffic jams. Unrivaled delivery efficiency.


The ecoro ecosystem consists of four components. Thereby our combined infrastructure creates a closed system that facilitates automation at low costs. Our key to success is to gather a strong partner consortium from world-leading companies. We rely on proven technology! Ecoro is easily scalable, enabling steady & organic growth.

ecoro shuttle.

• 2 pallets per shuttle with 2.4 tons capacity
• Zero emissions electric drivetrain
• 60 km/h constant delivery speed

ecoro control center.

• 24/7 fully automated shuttles control
• Optimized capacity management
• Transparent transport process

ecoro terminal.

• State of the art function proven technology
• 720 pallets/h loading capacity
• 20 seconds loading speed

ecoro core.

• Integrated infrastructure for power supply
• Modular and highly automated production
• Closed system for flawless automation

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Over and under: Passenger traffic above, automated freight transport below. A simple innovation with a huge impact to the economy, quality of life, and the environment.


Automation in a controlled enviroment allows for optimized efficiency in freight mobility, resulting in lower operational costs for businesses and higher profit margins.


Our roads could save up to 2 billion tons of CO2 emissions each year. We decrease greenhouse gases with every kilometer of ecoro transport system. Quiet and invisible.


Win-win partnership: Our unique financing model makes it possible to recoup the construction costs within 10 years and generate sustainable returns.


Safe and secure: We are creating a closed system without delays from traffic jams: 100% reliable, available 24/7, and fully-automated.

We are proud to contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Good health and well-being
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate Action
  • Life on Land


Our inner drive.

Creating a better future with humanity and technology.

ecoro is a technology company and more. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, and we have great ideas and the expertise necessary to implement them.

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